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Tynisha Keli “Shatter’d”

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Tynisha is my girl She has an awesome voice and all her songs are dope you got to check her out she’s the business

Solange Reacts

Fox News Casters Retaliate


I did Not get to post the interview solange did with fox 5 news where she got upset cause she  thought the reporter casted her introduction in with the report that jay z had problems with his 40/40 club solange did not take it so well and went off on the reporter i must say i am disappointed in solange in the way she handled it but watch fox 5 news take to a whole nother level in the video above they were quite rude two wrongs don ‘t make a right now I’m oh solange’s side

Sarah Conner Sexy as Hell Album Review

Sarah Conner may share the same name as the heroic charterer from the Terminator but in Germany her popularity can be compared to the one of Kylie Minouge in Australia and and girls aloud in the U.K this is Sarah first album of original material  in three years and has all the synths and and bass a European pop album the best tracks are the first single under my skin which would be a favorite of any of her loyal fans the J. R. Rotem produced Fall apart shows a more soul full side of sexy as hell in which she’s able to accomplish the likings of the tread in pop to sound more urban sexy as hell has it’s up’s and downs bit for people who like pop get filmilar  with Sarah she packs a hard punch when she at her best

(This album is not alivable in the US but you can get it here by clicking on pic)

John Mccain Select Sarah Palin As V.P Ticket Holder

John McCain rolls the dice by choosing a woman as his vice president in the nomination Sara Palin the Governor of Alaska and has very Conservative views she opposes gay marriage and abortionif McCain wins the presidency she will become the first female vice president .

New Pussycat Dolls “Whatcha Think About That” Feat misst Elloitt

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Gossip Girl Sneek Preview