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Leona Lewis -Echo Album Review


In 2007 leona Lewis released her debut album after winning 3rd season of the British singing competein show The X Factor. The album was a massive success spawing the hit singles “Bleeding Love” & “Better in Time”. It sold over 6 million copies world wide. Now she follows that with the release of Echo. I was very shut off by the frist single but I’m quite impressed with the overall album here’s my track by track review. (This is the UK retail version so the track listing is a little different than the North American version)

01. Happy: Not a fan of this song at all and made me lose intrest in the album but some do like it the verses are nice at least but the chours is Blah.

02. I Got You: A ok track nothing to really go on about but it might grow on me more

03. Can’t Breathe: Most Defanitly one of the best songs on the album breath taking

04. Brave: very nice song with great voacls from leona

05. Outta My Head: this song chenges the pace the album it’s more upbeat song and is very melodic as well

06. My Hands: An ok song nothing really special about it

07. Love Letter: Let it rock singer Kevin Rudolf worte this song i like that song as well as this one a nice jam to listin in the car on the way to work or school

08. Broken: very nice power ballad another one of my favorites

09. Naked don’t care to much for this one very mediocore

10. Stop Crying Your Heart Out another sappy ballad a good song but not something i would listin to over and over  again
11. Don’t Let Me Down Justin timberlake with the Y’s along with Leona Peened this song another one of my faves justin can be herd in the song singing back up

12. Alive not really into this one too slow just really bland

13. Lost Then Found (ft. One Republic)not a fan of One Republic but this track on me over nice

Hidden Track

Stone Hearts and Hand Grenades nice song don’t know why its hidden

Overall a solid effort from leona i expect for this to sell hugely in it’s first week

Overall rating 3.5/5

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