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Keri Goes In On Lady Gaga

The Queen Kerli went in on the jester Lady Gaga in Neon limelight magazine saying,

“It’s kinda f*cking funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now,” a yellow-haired Kerli said on her Twitter page. “I wish she would f*cking stop ripping off everything I do. F*cking b*tch.”

In the video above the queen recanted on her comments but stilled hold on to her guns.

So this morning I was reading the news and I saw that Lady GaGa also had yellow hair, and I’ve been doing so much to not look anything like her, and I feel like everything I do she’ll do two weeks later. I feel like I’m starting my next album cycle and I’m trying to look different so I wouldn’t get these comparisons, but it’s like every time I do something different and post the picture up on MySpace she’s also looking that way in two weeks time.

No disrespect because the thing she does visually and her styling… and she’s best friends with Alexander McQueen obviously I’m not competing with that, obviously I’m not competing with four number one hits. I’ve never really said anything in a pissed off kind of way because I didn’t wanna be that person who was like a nobody and was like screaming when somebody else was standing on top of the mountain and ruling the world, I’m nobody to talk, but this morning I was like…

I know she knows who I am and I’m good friends with some of the members of her team and it’s just a little much that I’m trying so hard to not look anything like her and she’ll just end up looking like me anyways so I just lost it for a second and called her a bitch and it was really immature of me and I know the world will take it in a completely wrong way because she’s on top and I’m not.

Some of these things I’ve been like “it’s a coincidence it’s a coincidence it’s a coincidence” , and then I’m like “you know what, this is not a coincidence anymore”, and obviously she’s taking her visuals to a next level because she’s got all this money behind her… Her fans come at me like I’m the copycat, I’m just tired and that’s the reason why I said it. Nobody knows who I am and she’s so big and I’ll just come across as some idiot who imagines these things, but me and everybody who’s been watching my career since I started know that I’m right.

Kerli is an artist singned to Def jam and is 100 times better than Lady Gaga. Lady gaga is so overrated and must be taken down a peg. Her music and voice is far more unique and enjoying. I can’t wait until Kerli new album drop she gon shut it down.


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  1. Listen up, thundercunt! If you’re gonna bash Lady Gaga, can you at least repeat third grade and learn how to spell “signed”? Your grammar sucks ass,too! “I can’t wait until Kerli new album drop she gon shut it down.” REALLY? Are you from Detroit? Kerli is teenybopper Eurotrash (which makes me ashamed to be over 50% European) who’s delusional and wants attention. Who is a Z-lister to be talking shit about one of the biggest pop stars? Of course Kerli is an ATTENTION WHORE. So get it through that thick skull of yours, bitch.

    November 5, 2011 at 11:11 am

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