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Jennifer Lopez Dropped from Label Album Love? Shelved ?

Looks like we won’t be seeing J.lo return album Love? she has been dropped from Sony/Epic. The departure was described as amicable. This Comes after louboutins failed to have a impact.

The nice version is that the contract was up and since Lopez fulfilled her obligation with her last two singles, it wasn’t renewed. A mutual decision was made not to go ahead with an album.

The nasty version is that JLo was dropped by Sony.

Whichever version of events is true, a question mark surrounds the future of Lopez’s seventh studio album, “Love?”, which in the context is an ironic title if ever there was one. Some Internet reports say that “Love?” — which featured a pre-release dance hit “Fresh Out the Oven” and a pre-release dance dud “Louboutins” — was nearly finished and set to come out in April. But Lopez’s camp told Finke that “Love?” was still a work in progress and “by no means done” and that record release dates tend to be flexible. Other reports suggest that JLo has lost her edge, citing the failure of both “Louboutins” and her performance at the American Music Awards to generate heat.

Execs “aren’t sure who her audience is anymore,” a source told Finke. “Where once she had little girls, she’s been supplanted by Beyonce, Gaga, and Rihanna.”


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