If You Want It Come and Get It

Mariah Carey Back in the Studio With Jermaine Dupri

Mariah is going at it agin after the cancelation of the Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel remix album Angels Advocate. She tweeted”

“To all the Lambs in the land..Finally!!!Me& Jermash are in his studio reliving the splendor working on new ish”

As Mimi was tweeting her heart out, JD was doing the same and a few words of his own to say: “to all the lambs out there me and mc are in studio right now working on the new album yall been askin for it.”

Mariah and JD took to Ustream shortly after.  Mariah and JD were pretty much goofing off which is what most celebs do on Ustream. I hate that I missed it but anyways,  I’m guessing Mariah is trying to go back to her Emancipation sound. Which is not bad at all. I’m looking forward to hearing what MC and Jd are cooking up.


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