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Bret Michaels in Critical Condition After Suffering Brain Hemorrhage

Bret Michaels is in critical condition after suffering brian hemorrhage Thursday.

The Poison singer was rushed to the hospital Thursday night with an excruciating headache that turned out to be massive brain hemorrhage, his reps confirmed.

The 47-year-old remains in intensive care under 24-hour observation and will undergo further testing to locate the source of the bleeding, his tour manager wrote in the latest posting on his website BretMichaels.com.

“Please remember Bret is, and always has been, a fighter and survivor and is under the best medical care possible,” manager Janna Elias wrote.

On Sunday, Elias posted news that Michaels was suffering from slurred speech, blurred vision and dizziness but the hope was that he’d make a full recovery.

She later deleted the description of his symptoms but promised an update from doctors soon. Reps have not revealed where the rocker is being treated.

Dad Wally Sychak told the Daily News Friday that his son had stabilized but wasn’t out of the woods.

“I’m certainly worried,” Sychak said. “It’s not a minor thing.”

Michaels appeared in a taped episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC Sunday night, and the show paid tribute to the ailing singer with a slow-motion video and voiceover that saying, “Everyone here at NBC wishes Bret Michaels a speedy recovery.”


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