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Obama Appoints Sonia Sotomayo As Supreme Court Judge Nominee


Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s choice for the U.S. Supreme Court, started her path toward the highest court in the land in a South Bronx housing project. She Is the first hispanic nominee in history and if elected she will be the 3rd woman ever on the U.S  Supreme court.

The daughter of Puerto Rican parents who came to New York City during World War II, Sotomayor worked her way through the white-dominated spheres of Princeton University, Yale Law School, the Manhattan district attorney’s office, a corporate law firm, and the federal bench.

Bill O’Reilly Upset At Eminem Over Palin Comments In Song “We Made You”

Bill O’Reilly just officially made Eminem sales go up. On The O’Reilly Factor Bill went after the Detroit rapper for his line in new song “we made you” about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in which  Eminem says “I’ll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, nail her/ Baby, say hello to my little friend”. Bill says Eminem Does Not Matter and goes after left wing media outlets for not speaking up about it.

While I do see his and that retted Commentator of his point that if it was Michelle Obama people would be upset. However calling him out this way isn’t going to do anything but make Bill Look like an old fart. It’s Entertainment not politics don’t take it so seriously.

Actress Ashley Judd blast Sarah Palin On Animal Abuse


Is Palin Being unfairly attacked or Does Ashley Judd Have a point

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller Bash on Jay Z & Young Jeezy Over Comments about Bush


I get there point but black people are entitled to their own individual views. People on the right just can’t grasp how angry people are over Bush’s failed Administration  so they chose to defend his every fleet. Fuck Bush and Fox News for failing to see what he did ruined the country and killed Thousands of soldiers in war that was more than unnecessary .

Video Of Obama Taking Oath

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Barack Obama Sworn In As The 44th President of the United States


Today Obama was sworn in as the first black president of the United States. He used the same bible Abraham Lincoln used when he was sworn in . The Inauguration brought out over a million people from all over the world to see this historic event and i can’t be prouder to be an American to see a black man become president after all the blood sweat and tears my ancestors have shed to get to this point. I wish Obama All the luck He needs to lead this nation  this is something to truly be euphoric about

Barack Obama’s Presidential Portrait


This Is Barack Obama’s Presidential portrait it is the first one to be shoot by a digital camera.

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised to govern according to “a new kind of politics, a politics that focused not just on how to win but why we should.” At a time when the challenges we face in this country are so vast, we cannot afford to abandon the movement we’ve built. We have to strengthen it,” Obama said. “We must build a movement for change that can endure beyond a single election.”

Barack will become president on January 20th  so long to the days of the sloppy Bush administration, Hello to change .